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An exclusive community of MELBOURNE BASED CREATIVES

The deats:

Physical retail space

You get at least 400mm x 400mm. You can just let us know if you need more space though.

Great coffee.
Coffee on the house!
Don't worry we also cater for the plight of tea drinkers in this coffee addicted city.

What about lunch?
Ok, let's be real. We can't possibly give you lunch on the house but we can give you a sweet discount on all food & drinks.

Creating content together. 
We will have monthly member exclusive photography workshop. Bring in your ideas and products to take photos of.

A place to network with other creatives.
We believe in collaboration and cross-pollination. Let's all share our ideas and make something awesome.

Member feature.
Submit your work, and if chosen you will be featured on our website and social media platforms for exposure.

Venue hire. 
Want to host a launch party, workshop, or event? We'd like to support you with a discount rates on venue and equipment hire.


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