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Physical retail space

It's like paying rent, really. You get at least 400mm x 400mm. You can upgrade your space with a custom plan too.

Great coffee.
5 cuppa tokens on the house every month! 
Don't worry we also cater for the plight of tea drinkers in this coffee addicted city.

What about lunch?
Ok, let's be real. We can't possibly give you lunch on the house but we can give you a sweet 25% off on all food & drinks!

Creating content together. 
We will have monthly member exclusive photography workshop. Bring in your ideas and products to take photos of!

A place to network with other creatives.
We believe in collaboration and cross-pollination. Let's all share our ideas and make something awesome.

Member feature.
Submit your work to be featured on our website and social media platforms to give your work more exposure and a chance to be promoted by paid advertising on our online store.

Venue hire. 
Want to host a launch party, workshop, or event? We'd like to support you with a 50% discount on venue hire.

quarterly membership at adj commune

// $120 per month ($360 per quarter)

// $180 one off sign up fee
To kick-start your brand

  1. Shop front laser cut logo

  2. Your logo on our packaging

  3. Branding inside the shop

// 20% fee on sales
- Let's keep it transparent

  • 80% for you

  • 12.5% transaction fee average    

  • 7.5% profit for adj/

// 3 month fixed term

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