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TSUNAGU Project is a community of creative individuals sharing a passion to share stories through food and drinks. Our mission is to create an environment where people can come together and enjoy great company, delicious food, and tasty drinks.

We believe that when people come together and share in each other's experiences, they form stronger connections that lead to more meaningful relationships. We're committed to creating an experience that will leave you feeling inspired, connected, and excited about the future.

what's new

We are opening a new Kakigori shop!

We are still looking for passionate individuals to join our team.

👩‍🍳Job board at TSUNAGU Project


🍙 279 - Musubi & Coffee

🍞 Le Bajo Milkbar

Hareruya Pantry - Carlton

🍣 Leonie Upstairs

🍱 Chiaki - hiru to yoru

🍧 Sebastian Kakigori

online stores

☕ Ichihaze Coffee Roasters

TSUNAGU Office | 640 Queensberry St, North Melbourne VIC 3051 | hello@tsunagu.com.au

TSUNAGU Project respectfully acknowledges the sovereign custodians of the land on which we live and work.